Everything Cakes and More

I have a serious addiction to cakes and everything that comes with them! I have been baking and decorating cakes for almost 12 years now for all kinds of occassions! I like to make all kinds of confections with baking and candy making that I will post here too. I mostly create for family and friends but if you have someone or are someone who likes what you see and would like a specialty cake, I would be glad to help! I also do lots of cakes for friends of a friend too. Please have a look around and I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Toy Story Birthday

Dec. 29, 2012- This cake is for a neighbors little boy who is turning 3 today. He loves Toy Story so I used my Cricut to cut out his name and a big number 3. Buzz and Woody had a hard time standing up on the fondant so unfortunatly I had to apply a little extra frosting on their feet! Oh, well! It will still taste good. This cake is one of my favorite flavor combinations too. A delicious yellow cake with chocolate mousse filling. Yum! Happy Birthday Linkin!

Ariel Birthday Cake

Dec. 27, 2012- This cake is for a friend of mine whose name is actually Ariel. Her mom asked me to make her a Little Mermaid cake for her 17th birthday. Ariel was a little tricky. I put her on the cake the night before and put it in the fridge. The next morning she had sagged under the weight of her hair and lost her chin. Next time I will use modeling chocolate instead of fondant to help support all that hair! Happy Birthday Ariel!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wispy Wedding cake

Sept. 29, 2012-I made this cake for a reception my sister catered too. She called and asked me to take over on the cake as there had been some drama about it. It was fairly simple yet turned out very elegant. It is vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.

Perfectly Pink wedding cake

Aug. 10, 2012- This cake was a team effort with my sister. She catered food and cake for this event but called me at the last minute for help on the cake as the pressure of, "time is running out," came upon her. So, technically she baked the cakes and made the fillings and frostings and I frosted, assembled and decorated. I ended up going to the reception also to set it up and help out with food. It turned out beautifully. I really enjoy the reception catering/cake decorating thing. I hope to get to help out again soon!

Race car cake

Sept. 22- This cake is for my nephew's 2nd birthday. It is vanilla cake with chocolate filling covered in a race track of fondant. Happy Birthday my little friend!

0-60 Birthday

Sept. 15, 2012- This cake is for my dad on his 60th birthday. He had a race car party where we went go-karting at Boondocks. Mom wanted a speedometer on the cake and I went ahead with the whole dashboard. He doesn't really like cake so this is actually a Texas sheetcake, one of his favorites.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rapunzel's Tower

September 4, 2012- This fun cake was for my niece's 4th birthday. This was a lot of fun to decorate and turned out very cute! She loved it too, and was very protective of it. She wouldn't let anyone touch it at the party but invited everyone to come and see it. Sorry about my kitchen in the background. I took one of the whole cake against the yellow wall but it was too dark to see the details. So, you get the better lighting and the stove on the background! I figured it was more important to be able to see the cake.

Pink & white cake balls

August 10, 2012- I made 250 of these cake balls for a wedding reception. They are chocolate cake, dipped with pink (white chocolate) and drizzled with white chocolate. I also helped with the wedding cake that my sister has the picture of. I will post it when I get the picture.

Jessica's cake

July 4, 2012- This cake was made for one of the girls in my Young Women's. We had a youth group activity on her birthday and we were having dinner at the park so I decided to make a birthday cake for her for dessert. Happy birthday, Jess!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Neon is Back!

June 29, 2012- This fun cake is for my daughter's 8th birthday. I think she just might officially be over the Barbie/Hello Kitty/super cutsie girly cakes! When she asked for neon colors I just laughed and said, Okay, I guess neon is coming back! The cake is Funfetti, of course, with buttercream icing. She even helped me cut out the fondant shapes on the Cricut and painted them for me! She is becoming quite the foodie herself! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Sand Castle Cake

June 23, 2012- I made this adorable cake for my friends baby's 1st birthday. The party was at the pool and she had a water theme so the sand castle fit in perfectly. The cake layers are strawberry cake on the bottom(my favorite) and vanilla on the top. The shells are mint chocolate and made from a mold. The little cake was for the birthday girl to dig into!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hamburger Cake

June 1, 2012- I have always wanted to try one of these. It's a hamburger cake. This one was for my nephew for his 13th birthday. Since we were having a BBQ to celebrate he wanted a cake to match. The bun layers are white cake and the hamburger layer is red velvet. All frosted in buttercream and the veggies and sesame seeds are cut out of fondant and hand painted. Now I need an airbrush so I can really make this one look cool! I'll put it on my list!

Minnie Mouse

June 1, 2012- I can't take full credit for this one. I was merely helping out. My sister did a Minnie Mouse theme for her daughters 1st birthday. We made strawberry Minnie cake pops and a chocolate and vanilla layer cake with cookies and cream filling. I was even able to get my Cricut Cake to cut out letters with the help of a Cricut genius(my sister)! The single layer was for the birthday girl to dig into which is exactly what she did. It turned out super cute and tasted yummy!

Another Lightening McQueen

May 31, 2012- A lady in my ward saw the Lightening/Mater cake I did for my son and asked me to make one for her grandsons birthday. She wated to make the cake and just wanted the car for the top!I didn't even attach his wheels as she would have to put them on as she was placing them on the cake.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Star Wars figures

March 15, 2012- I made these for a neighbor's sons 5th birthday. Heis way into Star Wars and wanted the good guys fighting the bad. His mom made the cake and I the figures to put on it. There's Darth Vader, General Grevious, Obi Wan, and Yoda. They stood on the outside of the top layer with light sabers crossed.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mater & Lightning McQueen Cake

Feb. 17, 2012- I made this cake for my sons 3rd birthday, which is tomorrow. He is coo-coo over Cars 2 and naturally wanted a Cars cake for his birthday. Mater is his favorite but Lightning and Mater always come together. When I asked him who he wanted on his cake he would say, "Mater and Lightning McQueen, mom." So he got both. They were fun to do. They did turn out a bit rough from the seams in the fondant but at least Mater is supposed to look that way!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Ended Light Saber

This super fun cake was for my son's fifth birthday. Ever since we got an XBox for Christmas he and his brother have been obsessing over Lego Star Wars, so naturally we had a Star Wars themed birthday party! What made it even cooler was that his dad found him a light up double sided light saber (with sounds) that looked just like the cake! I haven't yet published a picture on this site that wasn't a cake photo, but I couldn't resist. The kid was in heaven! Happy Birthday little man!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

January 19, 2012-These delightful cupcakes were for my son's 9th birthday. He decided he didn't want a big cake this year but just wanted chocolate cupcakes with balls on them (since he was playing Xbox Sports with friends for the party). Easy and still fun!

November 11, 2011- I made these for a Shutterfly House Party I hosted. They were a big hit for all to snack on while we designed our Christmas cards! They were a fun way to start off the holiday season.