Everything Cakes and More

I have a serious addiction to cakes and everything that comes with them! I have been baking and decorating cakes for almost 12 years now for all kinds of occassions! I like to make all kinds of confections with baking and candy making that I will post here too. I mostly create for family and friends but if you have someone or are someone who likes what you see and would like a specialty cake, I would be glad to help! I also do lots of cakes for friends of a friend too. Please have a look around and I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wispy Wedding cake

Sept. 29, 2012-I made this cake for a reception my sister catered too. She called and asked me to take over on the cake as there had been some drama about it. It was fairly simple yet turned out very elegant. It is vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.

Perfectly Pink wedding cake

Aug. 10, 2012- This cake was a team effort with my sister. She catered food and cake for this event but called me at the last minute for help on the cake as the pressure of, "time is running out," came upon her. So, technically she baked the cakes and made the fillings and frostings and I frosted, assembled and decorated. I ended up going to the reception also to set it up and help out with food. It turned out beautifully. I really enjoy the reception catering/cake decorating thing. I hope to get to help out again soon!

Race car cake

Sept. 22- This cake is for my nephew's 2nd birthday. It is vanilla cake with chocolate filling covered in a race track of fondant. Happy Birthday my little friend!

0-60 Birthday

Sept. 15, 2012- This cake is for my dad on his 60th birthday. He had a race car party where we went go-karting at Boondocks. Mom wanted a speedometer on the cake and I went ahead with the whole dashboard. He doesn't really like cake so this is actually a Texas sheetcake, one of his favorites.